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52 Weeks of Art Journaling Challenge

A New Year, A New Journey

Hi everyone! I hope the New Year finds you well. After 2020 I really reflected on what projects I would plan for 2021. Some of you may already be participating in my weekly free YouTube videos on Saturday and know that we are doing something special for this year. I thought it would be fun to go through 52 weeks of journaling prompts to encourage daily art journaling along with me continuing to share various Gelli printing and collage techniques. These 52 weeks are inspired by my Art Mythos program, which is a deep dive in storytelling through art. This challenge is designed to invoke inspiration and accountability. Often people ask me about where and how I consistently come up with ideas. The art journal is my answer. At the beginning of the video I take some time to show you some of my previous journals

You will definitely receive a great art experience doing the youtube videos throughout 2021. If you are interested in a deeper dive, sign up for my free Infinite Pool Course. Once you are inside the course, you will find a coupon for 50% off the first month of Art Mythos.

I hope you will join us in this 52 week challenge, and as always, Happy Creating!

Robyn xx

Gelli Printing with my new Intuitive Script Stencils

Hi everyone!

Many of you may know that November was an exciting month as my intuitive script stencils were launched at Join me in this video and explore, have fun, and learn how you can use the stencils in your art. You will get the chance to see each one of the stencils, which include the kana zig zag and a full sheet of continuous scripting. These two are designed to fit perfectly of the Gelli Arts 8 by 10 plate. There is another set designed to fit over the 6 by 6 plate, and 3 by 5’s which work great as stamps.

Happy Creating!

Robyn xx

Advent Journal

Gelli Printing ~ Staining + Glazing in an Advent Journal

Hey all!

I would like to share with you a project I recently worked on called the Advent Journal. I like to do one of these every year as it is such a great way to tuck in little notes and cards that we receive, or even something special we have heard or read that we would like to remember. For example, my sister always creates these special gift tags with messages on them and I save them all by incorporating them into my journal. I just find this project such a great way to capture the holidays in one place in a special creation that can always be enjoyed for many holiday seasons to come.

There are five video parts to the project: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 4b

Throughout the project, I used the November Design Team Printables, which can be found here. I will be sharing about 18th and 19th century marbling that influenced the printables throughout the videos.


Robyn xx

Fundraiser for Daniel Cruz

GoFundMe Link

Hello everyone. I am reaching out to all of you to share the story of Daniel, an artist that I have been working with for years, and his family, very dear friends of mine who are experiencing challenging times.

It is my hope that we can come together in the spirit of community and support Daniel and his family.  

Daniel has been suffering from seizures since the 5th grade after having contracted viral encephalitis. His family has worked hard to ensure his well-being and I have been working with him for many years to support his art business. Although Daniel often suffered from seizures, he was capable of moving around and working on his creations—Daniel is a very talented artist and jewelry maker. His parents were feeling secure about his future; however, Daniel had a stroke recently that was caused by a device for seizures in his brain. He is now wheelchair bound and his family is facing the challenge of refinancing the home. Daniel’s parents have done everything to make sure he can remain as independent as possible and have a bright future even when they are gone. However, due to the stroke and medical bills, Daniel’s future is at stake. I wish you all had the chance to meet Daniel. Not only is he incredibly talented, he is quite the comedian. I have numerous memories

It is my hope that we can raise $10,000+ for Daniel and his family. These funds will go toward changes to be made in the house to make it wheelchair accessible, and the extra care that Daniel will now need. Although Daniel’s business is currently on pause, I invite you to visit his Etsy shop to see his creations. With your help, we can ensure that Daniel is taken care of and continue to create and share his beautiful art with the world. 

Daniel’s Creations

GoFundMe Link

Thank you for your kind hearts and support, it has been a difficult year but it has also been a year of so many people creating community and supporting one another.

My best,

Robyn xx

Stencils Release Day

Hi everyone!

I have some very exciting news to share with you… the long awaited stencils are here! They will be officially released tomorrow, November 12th, through istencils. From November 12th until November 15th there will be a special sale where you will receive a bonus stencil for your purchase (hint: it’s a yummy circle). So definitely stay tuned at istencils for this special and fun opportunity.

There is much variety to the stencils. They have been created based off of my very own intuitive scripting and mark making. The stencils come in several shapes, sizes, and sets for you to choose from so you can mix and match when you sit down to work on your own unique creations.

For this week, I have a special video and live session planned to celebrate the release of the stencils. Many of you may be followers already on my YouTube Channel where every Saturday morning at 7 am MST I post an art session for my followers. Stay tuned for this Saturday’s video, which will feature the stencils in gelli printing.

Secondly, I invite you to join my Clarity Thru Color Facebook Group for a special live session where I will be presenting the stencils. The live session will be this Thursday, November 12th, at 9 am PST. This is a special community where we all get to share our artwork and support and inspire one another. I can’t wait to see how everyone will apply the stencils to their own creations.

I have been so excited for many months now for the release of the stencils, and I know many of you have waited patiently for the release day. A big thank-you to all of you for your support and excitement, it is always

such a great inspiration. I hope you enjoy these special stencils as much as I did working on and creating them. Happy Creating!

My best, Robyn xx

Release Day: November 12th on istencils

Special Sale: November 12th-15th on istencils

Facebook Live: November 12th @ 9am PST on Clarity Thru Color Facebook Group 

You Tube Video: November 14th on my Channel

Kana Love Journal

Art Journaling with October Design Team Printables

Hey Everyone! I invite you to join me on a new project that will be a traveler’s notebook style journal using October’s Design Team Printables. These printables were specially formulated to support creating pockets, bands, etc. If you are up for trying something new, try printing on a different kind of paper. For example, I used card stock with an HP5660 inkjet to get a little bleed, which I really like to get an old world look.

Kana Love Journal Video

Happy Creating!

Robyn xx

Traditional Concertina Finish

Intuitive Scripting, Tea Bags, and Book Covers

Hey everyone!

Finishing a project is always exciting. Especially for art journals, the covers really serve like titles for a book. What do you feel represents all your artwork within? How do you wish to express it? For this project, I decided on a cover with intuitive scripting. However, I wanted to give it a little less of a modern look. In this video you will see how I use tea bags to get the feel of the cover just right with an old world look.

Happy Creating!

Robyn xx

New Project: The Voice of the Red Thread

The Voice of the Red Thread Project

The Voice of the Red Thread Course: Click Here (free course)

Limited Edition The Voice of the Red Thread Fabric Bundle: Click Here

Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to share with you and invite you to a new project that I will be working on and continuing into 2021. It is called “The Voice of the Red Thread” and it is based on a tradition that has woven itself into numerous cultures all the way back from ancient times.

For this project, we will be creating a fabric book in which we will use stitching with a red thread. I will be posting videos of every part of the process in the following free teachable course, where you will also be able to read about how I came upon the idea of this project, the history of The Red Thread, and a poem about The Red Thread by Stacy Ericson, our RMc Team Scribe.

All projects are dear to the heart, but this one is especially important to me because, connection is at the heart of it. As you will see in the course, I encourage everyone to create at least two books, one for you, and one to give as a gift; however, it is my hope that you will continue making more of these and sharing them among your friends and loved ones.

The fabric structure of the book is flexible and easy to carry. If there ever is a challenging moment, I hope this book can be a friend that you reach for, and as you work on your “intuitive stitching” you will feel a hug from the connection of the many others who are creating this art form, and from your own unique, creative process.

The main supplies required for this project are fabrics and threads. I have created a special limited edition The Voice of the Red Thread Bundle, which consists of fabrics, threads, and a hand-made red thread inspired intuitive scripting gift from me. The bundle has enough supplies for two books. However, I am encouraging you to make your own, and there is a supplies list in the teachable course. 

I hope you will join in creating your own “The Voice of the Red Thread”. Especially with the holiday season around the corner, and so many of us having experienced distance from our friends and loved ones this past year, with this project it is an opportunity to gift connection, a remembrance that we are together even during challenging times.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and to share your experiences. There is also a space to comment in the teachable course. It would be lovely for us to share our stories and experiences of creating and gifting The Voice of the Red Thread.

My best, Robyn xx

Intuitive Scripting Workshop Registration Information

Hi All!

The Much Requested “Intuitive Scripting” Workshop Is Being Offered One Last Time This Year

Intuitive Scripting Workshop

Replay and Lifetime Access to 5 hours of Instruction on Two Different Styles of Scripting

Sign up for one of two live sessions (November 5th or November 8th) to discuss and ask questions

The sweeping stroke,

the delicate line,

the bold splash of inky grace.

The elegant curves and swirls of raven wings.

November 5th OR November 8th (Sign up for the date that works for you)
November 5th Session @ 10 am PST; November 8th Session @ 3 pm PST 
Teachable Workshop Space + Live Zoom Session

+ replay and lifetime access to workshop recording

30 printable downloadables eco-stained creations from my collection of prints!

 Yes, Sign Me Up for the Workshop + the November 5th Session

Yes, Sign Me Up for the Workshop +the November 8th Session

Intuitive scripting at first appears simple and direct, yet it takes connecting to a silent voice that rarely speaks, within to foster its natural and instinctive occurrence.

Join us in a two-part workshop and explore the specific techniques and tools needed to freely create beautiful brushstrokes and to hear what your heart may be saying to your hand.

You will also receive a set of downloadable Printables to use during this workshop.

Many of my followers find it difficult to produce a consistent and beautiful result with intuitive scripting. After many requests and much thought I’ve developed an introductory class devoted specifically to this practice. In this workshop you will learn to access the place within from which this intuitive language flows. I will share about the importance of exploring and going on a journey of discovery. You will be encouraged to quietly dialogue with your inner muse and learn new ways as the spontaneous movement of your hand connects with the lucid, fluid right brain, the creative mind.

Intuitive Scripting, or “soul writing”, not only adds an inimitable personal touch to your work, it instantly creates an ever-available portal to your creative voice. Whether you are using it as a mindful exercise of inner attention or applying it as an artistic practice, this graceful dance of brush and ink can become a rewarding and soothing addition to your creative work.

Many of us, especially women, were taught to be careful about “leaving a mark.” Where we long to create boldly, we remain tentative and careful, often stifling the emerging seedlings of our emerging style. The very act of confident mark-making serves as a vital breakthrough—it helps us access that infinite pool of individual creativity.

We will meet together in the space of an online workshop and bring forth a new visual vocabulary that will create new dialogues in your work. I’ll ask you to organize a quiet, visually inspiring work space—maybe a small plant, a candle, your favorite rock, feather and crystal. Let’s set the atmosphere to encourage a new relationship with our art and ourselves.

Intuitive scripting is our soul’s language, it comes from a deep place and is oddly connected to so many things that we love. It is an abstraction of all the things that fill our world and bring us joy.

Sign up for November 5th @ 10 am PST

Sign up for November 8th @ 3 pm PST

Recommended Supplies List (Links and discount codes are listed in the workshop space which you will be able to access right after registering):
Download the Printables for the workshop
Lebenzon Paintbrushes ​
Seth Apter Inks
Sumi Inks
Calligraphy Paper
small glass bowl for ink
water jar for cleaning brushes
paper towels

Please reach out if you have any questions.

My best,

Robyn xx

“Let’s Talk Art: Encaustics”

Hi everyone! I am premiering a new series called “Let’s Talk Art” in the Clarity Thru Color Facebook Group. Join me twice a month for a discussion about all things art and occasional interviews. Topics will be based on your questions and suggestions for discussion. The first show will be tomorrow and will feature Seth Apter. As a member of Seth’s Creative Team, this will be my first project for the month of October. I will be working with his baked textures and it will be a great opportunity to learn directly from Seth about their characteristics. Hope to see you there!