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Robyn McClendon offers Workshops in Creativity Development, Hand Paper Making, and Book Arts (All workshops are designed to be taught as independent classes, however I can adapt them to go along with a workshop series your organization may be designing. They can be 1-3 day experiences)

Creativity Workshops

The Creative Mind — A Process Class

For anyone active in the creative process — designers, writer, musicians, not just visual artist. Ideal for beginners or advanced students or anyone facing creative blocks. Participants explore the causes of block and how to overcome it. Journal keeping to chart creative evolution will be explored. Discover hidden motivators and preferences through a variety of creative exercises.

Image Journaling — Access Your Creative Mind

A journaling technique that I have used in my own work as well as with my students for twenty years. It’s easy, fun and utilizes our sub conscious mind to access our creativity to move through blocks, create and innovate at higher levels more quickly and with fluidity. We will use collage and bookmaking techniques to create a document that can continued to be used after the workshop.

Discover Your Creative Fingerprint –The Picasso Factor

“Have you ever asked yourself if Picasso is so easy to copy as is remarked by many who view his work why hasn’t someone successfully copied him? He made millions from his art during his lifetime. Seems to me, he would be the ideal person to copy, right? Obviously it’s not so easy to reproduce his creative genius. Sure we can copy what he’s already done and create a pretty good fakes. But to innovate which means figure out what would his art look like now if he were still alive. Now that takes some doing! ” robyn mcclendon

What we’ll explore in this workshop is what I call our creative finger print and it operates just like the fingerprints on the tips of our fingers. It is unique, no one else has creative resources just like you, once you discover yours you will sleep easy at night knowing that there is no competition when it comes to your creative output. You’ll experience your creative mind as the innovator not just the creator, once you tap into this relationship the function of your creative mind, spirit and self will be revealed.

Monoprinting With Gelli Arts Plate

Gelli Art Printing is a fascinating new, quick and easy method to create monoprints. The traditional litho press methods while a very viable approach to creating high quality monoprints, can be very expensive to acquire all of the equipment and space needed to create a productive studio space.

However, as a printmaker and mixed media artist with extensive background in traditional techniques, I must say how excited I’ve been to produce unbelievable high quality prints using the gelli plate.

This workshop is for the experienced artist as well as those who just want to explore this technique just for the fun of it!

You will learn:
– How to properly load the plate for various results
– How various types of paints and quality levels will yield different results
– How papers qualities affect results
– How to create rich multi color prints in a single pull, a technique that
I stumbled upon and have perfected.
– Ideas for using your prints in whatever media you traditionally work.

Paper Making Workshops

Introduction to Western Papermaking

Introduces participants to various aspects of hand papermaking including fibers, mold making sheet formation, and drying. Explores design techniques including laminating, stencilling and embossing. A slide presentation and sample papers are shown. Special emphasis is given on how to set up a home studio.

Intermediate/Advanced Western Papermaking

Continues Exploration of paper making with emphasis on developing proficiency and exploring the coloring process. Students may begin to work with Eastern treatment of Western fibers.

Introduction to Eastern Papermaking

Introduces participants to various aspects of papermaking using Japanese fibers and techniques. Students will construct a mold prepare fibers and learn the Eastern method of “breaking a wave”. As with the other papermaking classes, special attention is given to showing participants where to obtain supplies and how to work at home. Sample papers and a slide presentation will be shown.

Intermediate/Advanced Eastern Papermaking

Continues exploration of eastern papermaking and assumes basic familiarity with fiber preparation and sheet formation.

Large Scale Paper

Students who wish to work in larger format (4’x6’) learn the special ins and outs of large scale mold making and fiber preparation. Various techniques for forming and drying large sheets are explored including pulp pouring and vacuum table work.

Book Making Workshops

Books Arts – Western Method

Participants explore traditional western book building techniques as they create their own hand-bound art book. Focus will be on very linear book movement. Workshop will cover the variety of papers available to use in books.

Books Arts – Eastern Methods

Eastern Techniques of book building are explained as students work with six different traditional sewing styles, eastern papers and stab binding.

Alternative Book Structures

This workshop explores the concertina/accordion fold, Coptic and non-glue structures in the creation of art books.

Mixed Media as Book Art

Great exploration of mixed media as it relates to Book Arts! Students will learn encaustic wax, acrylic and gouache techniques and how to use woodcuts and xerox transfers. Focus in on mixed media methods of image making enhancing.

Box Making for Books

Learn to build boxes which serve as vessels for storing hand bound books. Traditional box building techniques will be explored.

Other Workshops


Participants use same box-building techniques but create portfolios, picture frames and other practical holding devices. Use of various covering materials is discussed.

Surface Design

Marbling and Paste Papers
Step back to the 16th century and explore the creation of traditional marbled and paste papers. This 16th century process will be explored in depth including: Making paste, pigmenting paste, setting up vats and pattern making, suitable papers for use will be covered.

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  1. Connie October 17, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    Love your posts, and especially the pictures. I’ve always admired your aesthetic.

  2. Emily-PS July 31, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    Hi Robyn,
    I just discovered you on YouTube and I love your work and listening to your tutorials. How can I find you on Instagram?

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