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A Peek Into My Australian Art Diary!

As I travel around this incredible country from the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne to the coastal towns of Geelong and Lorne to name a few….

You guys know how I’m the ambassador of daily art journaling , “365 days in the life of a journal”😊 

I’ll be introducing an “Art Journaling” membership group to inspire + encourage + teach you my techniques… coming up in January 2018.  I’ll keep you posted!  

Until then enjoy your Holidays ❣️

Love and Peace 



New Years Invite and A Free Print as My Gift To You!

Hello on one of the last days of 2016!  Here’s a short video inviting you to link up with me in 2017.  I’ll be sharing various strategies for creating passive income through art, giveaways and much more!



A Painted Book

One of the latest books from the studio…

Enjoy ❣️

Much Peace and Love


Celebrate With Me

Click the link and head over to my new website and get a free piece of art❣️

Much Love 



Today I spent an incredibly beautiful morning in Mexico City at Frida Kahlo’s home now gallery….

Words can not do it the justice that the visual image awards us with….



Love the inspiration that looking at other’s studios provides…



Much Love and Peace



Art Journal Share – 365 days❣

Here are some catch up pictures from my 365 days in the life of a journal….


Much Love …


Mosaic Books….

I created a Mosaic book of my February daily #365daysinthelifeofajournal art work….

I love this app very easy to use right on your phone…great customer service and a really unbelievable quality with quick turnaround…
Check me out daily on my Instagram @rarebirds…


Love Peace and Joy


Studio Color Explorations

This month’s challenge for me, is to look at color combinations differently and explore using them in various media….

Last week I used watercolors a medium I rarely use, though I love the wash of color produced… 

This week I’m working with mono printing on glass and Gelli plates using acrylics and sumi inks… 

What creative pursuits have captured your passions this week?

Ride the wind, and remember …


Be Inspired!

Much Love and Peace…


Free to Be….

Here’s my January 18th collage commemorating those who’s passion was for all people to be free..


And a time lapsed video of me creating it…


Have a very creative and inspired day doing the things that excite you and feeds your passions!

Much Peace and Love


Feather Love…a collage

Here’s a quick video of my collage process…


Much Peace and Love