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OnionSkin Paper Packs From My Personal Stash!

Hi All…

So So Many of you have asked “Where do you find onionskin papers?”…

And so I’ve answered…I’ve put some packs together from my personal stash, as well as I have found a few sources but you guys were right…It’s hard to find!

Or when you do the prices are ridiculous…a dollar a sheet???

No worries I still have a few tricks and I was able to have enough to put 20 packs together at $35.00 each, with 50 sheets of vintage onionskin (assorted sizes and textures) and 40+ office ephemera some vintage that I use to Gelli print and can be seen in my various YouTube videos.

The below video will give you an idea of what’s in the pack…but if you know you want one click the link here to purchase because these will go very quickly, I’ve already had pre-sale orders….

Happy Art Making!


Puchinella ~ Back by Popular Demand❣️

I was able to source another bit of Punchinella enough to offer 10 feet of 5 different hole sizes and/or configurations!  Yaayyyyy!!!

So many of you have continued over the months to request this product from me so hopefully you’ll be able to pop over and snag a pack 😊 Punchinella
Enjoy Gelli Printing!


Moleskine, My Go To Travel/Art Journal And Why….


As many of you already know I journal everywhere I go. It is a wonderful way for me to stay engaged with my art and studio time while documenting my trip in a fun, interesting and stress free way.

I generally decide before i leave home the style and method I’ll use to journal. Over the years I’ve used many different style journals to work in, with experience I’ve learn that small journals, with some kind of closure like sting or elastic is best. It needs to be small enough to fit in the purse I’ve selected to travel with and I also like to take an accompanying pencil case that will hold the various pens and pencils I want to use along with small paint tubes of primarily matt acrylic paints, on this journal I used black. watercolor brush (which I use With my watercolor pencils) and my trusty glue stick.


I do love the Moleskine journals for a number of reasons…They are easy to find even during travels most places carry them in the event I’ve left home without one or have more to document than one book will accommodate. The paper is of a good quality so that paints work just fine on the pages, ( I don’t recommend working with too much water but the pages can handle minimal saturation). Most versions come with an inside back pocket so when I’m traveling around and come across things that I want to put into the journal this pocket is a great place to store things until I sit down to work. And the most endearing feature is the elastic strap that keeps the journal closed. This becomes increasingly more important as your trip wears on and your journal begins to expand from all of the wonderful keepsakes that are documenting your vacation.

IMG_0912 2

I generally reach for the 3.5 X 5.5 size, it’s a perfect size to work in and document. I’ll use larger books when I plan to do artwork along with keeping a travel journal, but I find if I want to primarily document the trip while working with my pens and paints this passport size Moleskine is perfect!


For this journal I decided that I wanted to work primarily in white ink on black paint, and to my surprise the printed literature of so many Australian business is highly graphic and in black and white! Who knew right? Much of what I documented worked beautiful into my Journal and consequently my little white pen got lots of use.


Uni-Ball Signo White Gel Pen

Black Matt Acrylic Paint


Uhu Glue Sticks 12 pack

I’ve placed a link for the 12 pack because honestly I purchase them by the dozen because I go through them so fast that to buy one or two at a time is just not sufficient for me, and its far more economical, but certainly if you just want to try just 1 then by all means follow this link here!

Enjoy your own Journaling time!

Love and Peace


Taking Control of Your Art Business…

Here’s an Interview that I did on Cory Huff’s podcast a few months ago, thought you might like to view it if you haven’t already….Enjoy!


A Peek Into My Australian Art Diary!

As I travel around this incredible country from the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne to the coastal towns of Geelong and Lorne to name a few….

You guys know how I’m the ambassador of daily art journaling , “365 days in the life of a journal”😊 

I’ll be introducing an “Art Journaling” membership group to inspire + encourage + teach you my techniques… coming up in January 2018.  I’ll keep you posted!  

Until then enjoy your Holidays ❣️

Love and Peace 


Australia Workshop: ArtMythos Telling Our Stories

                     I’m Heading to Australia!  Want to Join Me?

Belinda Richards of “Creative Sanctuary Retreats” and @bindi1962 on Instagram has invited me to present my ArtMythos: Telling Our Stories Workshop….

I have some really wonderful followers on that side of the pond and it’s easier for me to get to you guys than you to me…So my fabulous friend Belinda organized this workshop on her turf for the wonderful artist there.

Here are the details…Hope you can come!

Austrailia Final WordPress

Love and Peace…
xx Robyn


How to Host Your Own Workshop…Doing What You Love!

Dreaming of hosting your own workshop/retreat?
The best way to learn how to run a retreat is to participate in one! That’s what I did.
I went on a retreat hosted by Desha Peacock of and now I’m returning as a guest workshop facilitator at her San Miguel, Mexico Villa location for a VIP Lux Retreat + I’m hosting two more of my own in Australia this November and Italy next year!

Join us on September 28th at noon EST to learn how to get started so you can lead your own FAB retreat!

                                                                  Join us here!

Or, if you want to come on any of these retreats for fun and inspiration join us to learn more and be among the first to sign up.

Living Life Thru Art!


single 5 tips pic

I’m a traveling artist, a gypsetter, a rarebird.
Every picture I post is designed to reflect this combined aesthetic,
into a single visual message.

 I’m launching a Brand Clarity Course for Artist!
Yes, I get a lot of questions about how I’ve been successful on Instagram and the best ways for Artist to make money?  So I thought it would be the easiest and most helpful to put those answers in a Video Course…

5tip5days artworkp2

This Course is designed to get your on-line Brand reflective of your true passion and ways to build and connect with your ideal audience.
If you’re at all curious but not sure if you’re ready yet, then this is truly the course for you!  I’ll help you to get going as well as help you clarify direction if you’ve already started!

The Course is designed to give you tips that will help you get up and running fast or revamp your present page…you’ll receive one email per day for 5 days that way you can fit the assignments into your schedule and work at your own pace.

Go to my website to sign up and keep an eye on your in box for start date info….Hope to see you in the Course!


My New 12×14 Gelli Plate Arrived !

If you’ve been following me on Instagram @rarebirds you know I’ve been in Mexico the past few weeks, on Retreat and Teaching a Cold Wax workshop❣  I had loads of fun and met many great artist…

And now that I’m back home and in my Studio I had a gift, sent from Gelli Arts waiting for me….yaayyyyy!  The new 12×14 size…I can’t wait to jump in and share with you new prints produced on it!


I’ve been invited to participate in their new blogger program…if you purchase through this site using the badge provided on my sidebar, you’ll receive discounts on your purchases👍


You guys know this is an authentic and organic relationship because, if you’ve been following me for any period of time you know I’ve been singing this company’s praises for a very long time😊

Check out the new size , I’ve placed a 8×10 print over the plate so you see just how large the print area is on the new plate!


Also, I’m currently planning workshops in which I’ll be teaching some of the techniques I’ve discovered over the past few years of working with Gelli printing…

So stay tuned and if you’re not already a subscriber of my YouTube channel, Robyn Mcclendon then please head over and join so that you can be the first to see the Gelli printing techniques videos that I will be uploading …thx


Peace and Love



Studio Time~Mark Making

I wanted to share my current exploration into mark making with collage elements. 

Those of you have been following me for awhile know I love mark making.  So for the past week I’ve been working with a new color pallet. Inspired by the monochromatic effects of the blush pink paints against the cream tones of the paper I love using. 



 Much Peace and Love