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Studio Color Explorations

This month’s challenge for me, is to look at color combinations differently and explore using them in various media….

Last week I used watercolors a medium I rarely use, though I love the wash of color produced… 

This week I’m working with mono printing on glass and Gelli plates using acrylics and sumi inks… 

What creative pursuits have captured your passions this week?

Ride the wind, and remember …


Be Inspired!

Much Love and Peace…


Free to Be….

Here’s my January 18th collage commemorating those who’s passion was for all people to be free..


And a time lapsed video of me creating it…


Have a very creative and inspired day doing the things that excite you and feeds your passions!

Much Peace and Love


Feather Love…a collage

Here’s a quick video of my collage process…


Much Peace and Love


“Collage A Day” Video Fun…

I started again this year my “365 days in the life of a journal” challenge…

I really enjoyed this last year finishing with 365 mini art inspirations…so this year I’m doing the same challenge but in a different styled journal, which I call an Artdori…

Because it’s a midori style journal that I make and then I create an insert specifically for doing daily art journaling…

So here’s a time lapsed video of the process…Enjoy!

Much Peace and Love



I made this passport size daily journal after the midori style books…love this style…

Even my wallet by Hobo International is this style…though they no longer make it 😕…

I call mine an Artdori because largely that’s  what goes in it and is the focus of my life….as you guys already know…

I had the idea to add these small envelopes I got on my trip to San Francisco a few months back…as pockets to hold supplies….

I also pulled my first pro camera out to play with…want to shoot some black and white photography longing to get back into the darkroom😎…



Pages From My 365 Days Project…

I started this project on January 1st of this year…the purpose was to bring focus and direction to my time in the studio….

I must say that this project exceeded my expectations…l found more inspiration than I was able to create or translate into other media!  Plus the added bonus of beautiful richly textured journals….I’ll do a year end reveal…

Until then here are more page compilations from the past few weeks…


 Much Peace and Love


On Wings Of A Dove…

New Artwork…leaving the studio on the way to a Gallery Show…you guys know how much I love Encaustics…this piece I finished this month…it reminds me of my days spent in Venice a city after my heart… The etheric Blues and Greens with colors of Old Gold…Love

Do you remember the movie on “Wings of a Dove”? If not check it out, a beautiful cinema shot in Venice…a poetic story set during postwar Italy…






Much Peace and Love


Encaustic Love

More encaustics…love this medium! This piece is in parts a National Geographic photo transfer from a 1970s issue…..Enjoy!


Much Peace and Love

Art From My Studio….

This month has been filled with finishing work for an upcoming art exhibit…..




Much Peace and Love

Bundled & Tied…

I love piles and stacks of things in my studio…

So, often times I create book structures by scooping up some these piles and holding them together as a loose book structure with folded paper, textiles and linen string and twine….

Here are a couple of these structures …

Also check out my Pinterest board…bundled & tied….lots of inspiration …at Robyn Mcclendon.




Much Love and Peace