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I have been so fortunate to have so many Projects and Commissions with Visionaries who asked me to create art that helped them put their ideas into concrete form. Here are a few of these design projects….

Dr. Dorothy Height and The National Council of Negro Woman
“The Uncommon Height Award”

The Legendary Dr. Dorothy Irene Height commissioned me to create her a very selective and prestige award, that captured the spirit of her life’s work. This is a statement about me that has been published in the NCNW organizations journals.

“Visual artist Robyn McClendon-Jones has been hailed as one of the country’s most prolific fine artist and designer.  The company she founded, ARTeological, specializes in creating cutting edge designs for the Surface Design Industry.

Great at often mirrors great lives. Mrs. McClendon-Jones designed the striking crystal staircase that is the Uncommon Height Award as an enduring tribute to the journey of Dorothy Irene Height and other individuals who in Dr. Height’s spirit and tradition strive to make the world a better place for all its people.

Two historic poems by two legendary poets also provided condeptual depth and meaning for the design.  Langston Hughes’ Mother to Son, in which the mother explains to her child, “life for me ain’t been no crystal stair”.  The uneven risers and uneven wear symbolize struggles that are different and inescapable on the path to realizing greatness.  Dr. Maya Angelou’s,  And Still I Rise, paints a picture of achieving despite chaos and overwhelming obstacles.  In addition to its poetic association, crystal is chosen for purity of vision and clarity of goals that one needs for achieving Uncommon Heights.”

Recipients of the Uncommon Height Award:

Dr. Dorothy Irene Height 1998
Marian Wright Edelman 1999
Vernon Jordan 2000
Dr. Maya Angelou 2002
Bill and Camille Cosby 2003
Quincy Jones 2004
Nancy Wilson 2005
Johnetta Betsch Cole 2006
Ann M. Fudge 2006
Cathy Hughes 2006
Sir Sidney Poitier 2008
Oprah Winfrey 2009
Vanessa Williams 2011
Earl W. Stafford 2011
Dr. Steve Perry 2011
Ingrid Saunders Jones 2011


I work regularly with UNICEF to create artwork that they then produce into wonderful stationary products that are sold world wide.

Essence Magazine

I have created private visionary events, corporate special event stationary/promotional materials and my jewelry has also been featured among the pages of this publication.

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