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Creative Conversations – 2-17-15 – “Dehumanizing of Humanity”

“Dehumanizing of Humanity”

This Conversation starts with me talking about my 365 day Journal.  Journaling for me is a way for me to process lots of things in my world.  For some artist it’s about creating beautiful things, others it’s political expression, or women’s issues however, my art work is about raising consciousness.  My own first and then hopefully the viewer will explore their own cosmic reality and accessing their higher greater self.

In this Creative Conversation I will explore some of the topics that I think about, which informs my artwork, and my healing work as a Reiki Master and a Creativity Coach.

Love and Peace


“Tired of Hibernating?”

I’m tired of Hibernating!…If you feel in any way like me, lol…please raise your hand…around this time of year I say “enough already”

I’ve already done my spring cleaning…hoping that would bring on spring…I follow the ground hog reports religiously…even though I’ve never understood what that had to do with spring but…ok.

So When I came upon this quote how perfect!  Just keep doing what you’re doing Robyn, I keep telling myself, warm weather, the great outdoors, long walks, seeing the changes in nature the small simple pleasures that you derive so much inspiration, will be here soon….

I pass this personal conversation along to you today, should you be feeling at all like myself!


Peace and Love


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“Hanging Ten”

I came across this quote this evening…And where I’m sure it’s referencing relationships and love…It had me thinking that reaching our dreams and goals is a lot like this as well!


I tell you sometimes we put so much effort in for so long…get tired…fed up…disillusioned and we find ourselves thinking should I cut my losses…time…money…embarrassments (from family and friends who too quickly say I told you so)…and move on…mainstream again…fit in again…jump on the conveyor belt of mediocrity…

But like love if you really have to think about…  “should I stay continue to work it out, hang in there?”… often times it is something there we feel worth saving…

Likewise so are our dreams…goals…and inspirations…so hang in there give it another go….because often times we feel the most discouraged and beat up just about the time we’re close to pulling off a win!

So take your hat off and hang it back on the coat rack of your dreams and hopes, projects and goals…settle in and let’s make it happen!!

As always…My Best…Peace and Love


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