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Journal Pages – Meditation Art

During meditation I frequently receive images that are completed paintings as visual concepts…

Here I share one of these with you today… Do you meditate? If not give it a try..I always seem to receive gifts that feed my soul!

Enjoy the day!


Love and Peace


Creative Conversations – “Patience, More Than Just A Good Idea”

It was on my mind recently the importance of compassion and taking our time with others.

Frequently as I join other awaken soul’s, videos, blogs, online webinars, downloaded e-books, I’ve noticed a pattern. The idea that we all are to be awakened at the same time, the same way.

“I’ve got mine, now you get yours” mentality, however… “and by the way keep buying my materials so that I can continue to prosper while I beat you up, with love, of course.”

I believe that this is a sign of a phenomena that nods to the 3D way of operating while suggesting that they are having  4D experiences.

We must be more patient with each other.

Love and Peace




Journal Flip – 365 Days 24-29

Another Journal Flip…Enjoy!

I Hope that you are finding inspirations everyday in the small things that you do…How incredible is it that we can create and control a life worth living…

Just reclaim your Passion!

Love and Peace


Creative Conversations – 2-17-15 – “Dehumanizing of Humanity”

“Dehumanizing of Humanity”

This Conversation starts with me talking about my 365 day Journal.  Journaling for me is a way for me to process lots of things in my world.  For some artist it’s about creating beautiful things, others it’s political expression, or women’s issues however, my art work is about raising consciousness.  My own first and then hopefully the viewer will explore their own cosmic reality and accessing their higher greater self.

In this Creative Conversation I will explore some of the topics that I think about, which informs my artwork, and my healing work as a Reiki Master and a Creativity Coach.

Love and Peace


365 Days In The Life Of A Journal – Introduction

I want to share with you a personal challenge that I began this year to create meditative art daily in a journal for 365 days…

I’m calling it “365 days in the life of a Journal”

Please join me by creating your own journal it can be artwork, photos, writings… any way you are inspired to communicate with yourself … the most important thing are the internal dialogs because I believe that they keep us awake and aware of our world around us…

Also you can begin at any point in the year and continue forward…it’s not about the number 365 but the challenge to do something daily that adds to our personal awakening…


Peace and Love




“Day 5 – Stimulating Ideas”

I’m a huge fan of Black & White abstract art…when I see it my mind immediately begins to whirl and I seem to go into a trance, imagining all sorts of things that the lines, curves, strokes, dots etc. release…

I’ve spent some time studying this and found that when our brain develops at infancy Black & White simple shapes play a large role in the brains development…This is why so many baby toys have B&W lines or polka dots on them….


In this journal entry I painted on paper using sumi ink, then I cut the art into 4’s and then reassembled it…

I took the opportunity to stimulate my creative thinking while being willing to look differently at what I had just created…then be willing to cut it up… and try something different!


I feel that we have to be willing to do the same with our lives…we’ve created them…there moving in a particular direction…

Do you like what you’re experiencing everyday?  If you are…ask yourself “how can I make it even better?”…then be willing to make some changes, alter things a bit..

And if you’re not crazy about what you experience everyday…you want different results…be willing to start cutting away, re-arranging and adding new experiences that are more in line with where you want to go…your goals and dreams…

I believe that we don’t make mistakes in our lives because every road we turn down creates an experience we can grow from…however I believe we can arrive at a point that we can say, “well I have had enough of that experience, I don’t feel it serves me anymore”…and then make changes… and this includes our education and Degrees earned, our job or career, our marriages or life partners…if it ain’t working fix it!

Don’t be afraid move onward and upward!

Look at the Black & White of your life today…see what you discover!

video production Zion

Much Love and Peace


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“Day 4 – heart takes flight”

Today’s Journal entry was assembled from some of my favorite images….


Hearts, feathers and old script….these images find there way repeatedly into my work although the hearts look more organic….

generally I don’t do the classic heart shape but more of a biological constructed image

It was free form collaging that allowed me to take flight and free myself from preconceived ideas…moving forward into uncertainty…

Let your heart take flight….

video produced by my 12yr old Zion….

Much Love and Peace


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“Journal Day 2…Dawning”

Dawning… Day 2

This entry relates, looking at my situation with fresh eyes new perspective, new thinking, new ideas…


Dawning of a new time, a new space, an awakening of the spirit, my-self, the forgotten self, the newly evolving self…

It’s amazing how over time we slowly move away from ourselves incorporating bits and pieces from others, conforming, in some cases transforming….

And then at some point it “dawns” on us, to ask ourselves the question “do I know me?”…

The answer can be profound!…when I asked myself this question I was so far of center that I was doing very little that made me happy…I was successful…but not happy…

I wasn’t walking in my lane but one others had created for me…it’s a gradual process… it always is…

And re-claiming yourself is gradual too! Be patient, and loving, move into the “dawn” without judgements or regrets…

But with incredible expectation and joy…

mini-movie produced by my 12yr. old daughter Zion… she loves doing this kind of thing and it allows us to collaborate and share creative ideas!

Much Love and Peace


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“Life Is….”

I found myself this week thinking quite a bit about how Passion can chase you down in your life…

Of course the people, places and activities that we surround ourselves with goes a long way towards re-enforcing our interests…

When I read the above quote I really felt that it hits home the idea of our life not being separate from our passions, our dreams…

In the last post I shared with you the methods I’ve used to stay connected, focused and motivated…

This idea that everything we do will be infused with the essence of who we are, and the special way we relate to the world…

Try observing your life this weekend, think about the everyday mundane tasks that we often take for granted, we do them the way we were taught by family, teachers or our cultures and yet we’ve never placed our own stamp on them…

Start stamping your world with your dreams, even in the smallest of ways and the smallest of things…

This keeps us reminded, surrounded and infused with the essence of our passions….

Have a great weekend…Happy Stamping!!

As Always…Much Love


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