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Art & Soul Retreat in the South of France

    Come Join Me!

Durfort, France

Life isn’t about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself.

        — Kiki Smith

Hi All!

Have you ever longed for an adventure that awakens your unique, creative voice? An adventure that instills a connection to place, history, and the divine feminine in a way that changes you forever, opening you to new insight and confidence? Have you longed to share that journey with others? If so, you’re not alone.


Why journey?

Spiritual journeys and sacred site tours are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. There is a growing desire globally to reconnect with ourselves, with Gaia, with spirit, as well as our own intuitive wisdom. Stepping out of our plugged-in world into new places with new people opens our minds and hearts and restores our sense of wonder. It grounds us, re-acquaints us with the stories and images that are our unique vision, our gift in this life.


exploring the region…

But the journey is just the beginning …


We are all creatives from birth…

All children draw, dance, sing, and create story. Too often we lose touch with our unique voice in the rush to grow up. What if, through adventure in community in a land that resonates with the mysteries and with Gaia, you could reconnect to that voice and to the sacred fabric of Women? It’s all about healing and the creative energy that springs from that.

sacred waters…

Once you have experienced this opening, this rush of creative energy, how do you communicate it to yourself and others?  How do you maintain it once you go home? Few spiritual journeys guide you in developing  your unique creative language.  Understanding your visual language, learning its “vocabulary,” helps you understand what you have to say, what moves your spirit, and enables you to express it with newfound clarity, carrying it home into your daily practice.

Finding your voice…

the sacred dolmans…

If this resonates with you, there is no better time than the present to begin your journey. Consider joining us on the first ever retreat hosted by Robyn McClendon and Celia Fulton Walden at La Cascade, Durfort, France. On the very first day, Robyn will take you through her visual language meditation to clarify your unique Art Mythos, and Celia will introduce you to her process Animagine. Each day we will create in the studio as well as explore the magical Langedoc region of Southern France, a land steeped in history, mystery, and spirit.


IMG_4371 copy
art and writing journaling techniques

We will laugh, get curious, be spontaneous, explore, relax, create, and grow both individually and in community. We will nourish ourselves with living, creating, and great food … oh, and let’s not forget great wine and chocolate!

Tomato salad

Olivesregional food prepared by resident chef…

Will you join us?

You can find our more here . Space is limited to 8 people, and there are only a few spots left.

FIgs and wine
wine pairings…

Creativity is not a solitary movement. That is its power. Whatever is touched by it, whoever hears it, sees it, senses it, knows it, it’s fed. That is why beholding someone else’s creative word, images, idea, fills us up, and inspires us to our own creative work. A single creative act has the potential to feed a continent. One creative act can cause a torrent to break through stone.  — Clarissa Pinkola Estes

As Always Much Love and Happy Creating!

Creative Conversations – 2-17-15 – “Dehumanizing of Humanity”

“Dehumanizing of Humanity”

This Conversation starts with me talking about my 365 day Journal.  Journaling for me is a way for me to process lots of things in my world.  For some artist it’s about creating beautiful things, others it’s political expression, or women’s issues however, my art work is about raising consciousness.  My own first and then hopefully the viewer will explore their own cosmic reality and accessing their higher greater self.

In this Creative Conversation I will explore some of the topics that I think about, which informs my artwork, and my healing work as a Reiki Master and a Creativity Coach.

Love and Peace


Creative Conversation – Introduction

Creative Conversations…..

is a new format that I have begun to share my thoughts and ideas about the world we live in and how I’m interpreting events in order to remain my most creative self.  I have found that with all of the worldly forces that continue to press in on our personal space and time, trying more to dominate our very being , it has become essential to employ techniques and gather understanding in order to survive and THRIVE…

Please join me for these chats…and join in as well!

Peace and Love




365 Days In The Life Of A Journal – Introduction

I want to share with you a personal challenge that I began this year to create meditative art daily in a journal for 365 days…

I’m calling it “365 days in the life of a Journal”

Please join me by creating your own journal it can be artwork, photos, writings… any way you are inspired to communicate with yourself … the most important thing are the internal dialogs because I believe that they keep us awake and aware of our world around us…

Also you can begin at any point in the year and continue forward…it’s not about the number 365 but the challenge to do something daily that adds to our personal awakening…


Peace and Love




“Day 7…Things That Make Me Happy”

Day 7 Journal entry was about beginning to explore my inner happiness…

Creating art always makes me happy it settles me and rolls away the stress…


And so as I began the process of allowing myself, without judgement, to explore my life…thinking about what makes me happy… became a natural progression…

Take time today to ask yourself…”What Makes Me Happy?”…make a list and spend sometime feeling the happiness that comes from the items on the list…

Then ask yourself… “How many of these happy makers am I allowing in my world right now, everyday?”

Celebrate the ones you are allowing and make room for more of the ones that you’re not…

Much Love and Peace


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“Day 6…Crosses”

Crosses are another image that appears frequently in my work…

In part because of my personal spiritual beliefs…

And in part because it is such a strong graphic symbol and has appeared in cultures from the beginning of recorded time…


As an X or drawn by two swipes of the finger in a clay or paint…

It’s universal…

What’s your universal symbol? We all have something that speaks to us and directs us at an emotional level…beyond words, beyond thinking….

If you don’t know right off spend a little time discovering, just walk around your environment you’ll soon find clues because it will generally be repeated…in paintings, or literature…or form.

It could be a circle or a spiral or a square…a bird, a flower or an element like water, fire, earth or air…

Enjoy the weekend discovering!

Much Love and Peace


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“Day 5 – Stimulating Ideas”

I’m a huge fan of Black & White abstract art…when I see it my mind immediately begins to whirl and I seem to go into a trance, imagining all sorts of things that the lines, curves, strokes, dots etc. release…

I’ve spent some time studying this and found that when our brain develops at infancy Black & White simple shapes play a large role in the brains development…This is why so many baby toys have B&W lines or polka dots on them….


In this journal entry I painted on paper using sumi ink, then I cut the art into 4’s and then reassembled it…

I took the opportunity to stimulate my creative thinking while being willing to look differently at what I had just created…then be willing to cut it up… and try something different!


I feel that we have to be willing to do the same with our lives…we’ve created them…there moving in a particular direction…

Do you like what you’re experiencing everyday?  If you are…ask yourself “how can I make it even better?”…then be willing to make some changes, alter things a bit..

And if you’re not crazy about what you experience everyday…you want different results…be willing to start cutting away, re-arranging and adding new experiences that are more in line with where you want to go…your goals and dreams…

I believe that we don’t make mistakes in our lives because every road we turn down creates an experience we can grow from…however I believe we can arrive at a point that we can say, “well I have had enough of that experience, I don’t feel it serves me anymore”…and then make changes… and this includes our education and Degrees earned, our job or career, our marriages or life partners…if it ain’t working fix it!

Don’t be afraid move onward and upward!

Look at the Black & White of your life today…see what you discover!

video production Zion

Much Love and Peace


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“Day 4 – heart takes flight”

Today’s Journal entry was assembled from some of my favorite images….


Hearts, feathers and old script….these images find there way repeatedly into my work although the hearts look more organic….

generally I don’t do the classic heart shape but more of a biological constructed image

It was free form collaging that allowed me to take flight and free myself from preconceived ideas…moving forward into uncertainty…

Let your heart take flight….

video produced by my 12yr old Zion….

Much Love and Peace


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“It’s A Choice”


As Always Much Peace and Love


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“Our Soul’s Reflection”


This is so true…

The way we live, the things that surround us…really reflects how we think and feel inside ourselves.

How many time have you observed this as you entered into the home of others…

Sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise to discover a new aspect of this person and other times it can be a complete shock…what we see doesn’t line up with what we thought we knew about them.

Take a walk around your home, your studio, or creative space…does it reflect your soul, the you that speaks creatively…How can you alter your environment to line up with where you are or want to be?

Is it as comfortable as you’d like?  Are some of items that you are living with there because they were given to you, but you don’t care for them?

Well how about gifting those things to someone who will like them…

We all have paper work and old bills that we let accumulate…let’s clear out that clutter too… It really does help us to think more clearly and releases those emotions that are attached to these things that we often times don’t realize we have until we throw them out…

I can’t tell you how many times this has been a clearing for me…sometimes it’s just the guilt associated with saying that I’m going to sit down and go through that pile and then don’t…

Have you been meaning to get more plants, add a water fountain, change the artwork (or put some of your own work up)?

Do you need to stock up on candles or incense and just haven’t?

What can you do this week to alter your environment such that it reflects the inner you, the one that creates, dreams and has passions beyond the mundane activities that we all find ourselves?

Tell yourself that you will treat yourself this week by changing at least two things that you have been wanting to do, and these changes will inspire you moving closer and deeper to the creative you…

Bonne Chance!!!

And Enjoy, Always Peace and love


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