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Gift Tags And Other Uses…

Hi Guys….here’s a quick video of a process that I regularly use to make little lovelies to go on my art and gifts I send out…Enjoy❣

Much Love and Peace


“Gallery Walls”

I’m a big fan of “Gallery Walls”…

I love the eclectic nature of the art…

The Boho feel…

The idea that art has been individually selected and collected over time…

Gallery Walls suggest that art has been found in small out of the way places…

Flea Markets, side street Art Galleries, Family Attics or Basements, friends gifting the art they created…

It’s so warm and personal and very expressive…

Looking at a Gallery Wall, you get an immediate sense of the person who’s wall it is…

Whatever you create, paintings, drawings, sculptures, quotes, writings, it all can become part of a Gallery Wall…share your work with others…start by creating a Gallery Wall of your work to keep you inspired!









Here’s some of my miniature black and white sumi ink drawings… if you’d like to add my work to your gallery wall my shop link is below…


etsy shop

Please share your work with me!  I’d love to feature it…


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“New Ink Drawings”

In the past month I’ve opened a new “Etsy shop”,  selling the small sumi ink drawings that I love to make.

I got the idea to call them “$10 tiny ones” because that’s what I wanted to charge for them. It’s so easy to create fun and affordable original art.

I love the idea of gallery walls, and I feel that they are never complete without a small black and white image of some sort…so “$10 tiny ones” was created to fill that void!

I’ve already had such great success as these small works have begun to sell…

I thought I would let you guys know about the shop and share the concept, to encourage you to do the same with your small pieces that may be accumulating in your studio!

Creating an Etsy shop is so very easy and inexpensive… give it a try if you’ve been on the fence or if you want a selling site without a lot of hassle.


If you would like this little piece of art for yourself you can find it here

So stay in there with your creations, and share your creativity with the world there is always someone out there who will find it captivating!

Much Peace and Love


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Check Out My Designs @, Let me Help You With Yours.

I have such crazy fun with these designs. I love traveling to foreign places to find unusual stones in creating these works of art.My necklaces are one of a kind and kind of  yummy, whatcha think?

This one incorporates 200+ year old African Ivory, equally aged African Agate and an old brass African Gold Weight. Price upon request. Check out my website,

Would you like help pushing your designs to the next level? Not sure how?  Let’s see if I can help, with a coaching session on ” accessing your creative fingerprint”.You can get me at

Enjoy your Sunday!

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View My Jewelry Line

Check out my one of a kind jewelry line at

I have created this line from found and vintage artifacts the world over.  My traveling informs this aspect of my creative self and I love doing this work. 

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