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ArtMythos: Join Me For Summer Fun!

ArtMythos” is Live and filled with Inspiration!


We are already having so much fun. What are your art plans?

Here’s what our members are saying about the Studio Classes!


“I‘m thinking about the weekly challenges a lot and it is so nourishing and inspiring to see all of your artwork here … I feel so blessed to be in this art family … ‘out beyond ideas of right or wrong, there is a place I meet you there…‘ (Rumi ) … I feel , this is the place where we meet …” M. Fritz

“This week’s message is so perfectly timed. I am surrounded by books that hold wisdom, and yet I know, I know the answer … for me at least. Giving permission to pursue that knowing is where I get stuck. Thank you Robyn I have a task ahead!”

C. Walden

“My journal pages have become more visual and more interesting to me. I love being playful with it. Thanks for mentioning the playful importance Robyn. I’m having FUN!” L. Fish 



To find out more click here.

Happy Creating!


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