your creativity coach by robyn mcclendon

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“Day 6…Crosses”

Crosses are another image that appears frequently in my work…

In part because of my personal spiritual beliefs…

And in part because it is such a strong graphic symbol and has appeared in cultures from the beginning of recorded time…


As an X or drawn by two swipes of the finger in a clay or paint…

It’s universal…

What’s your universal symbol? We all have something that speaks to us and directs us at an emotional level…beyond words, beyond thinking….

If you don’t know right off spend a little time discovering, just walk around your environment you’ll soon find clues because it will generally be repeated…in paintings, or literature…or form.

It could be a circle or a spiral or a square…a bird, a flower or an element like water, fire, earth or air…

Enjoy the weekend discovering!

Much Love and Peace


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