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“Day 3…the big question mark”

It’s amazing how day three can always be that challenging day…when related to our week, it’s Wednesdays better known as “hump day”…

With fasting it’s called the cleansing day…that day that the body finally gets the email that no food is being in-taken and it wants to rebel…

And so too it is with my journaling…I faced the page and went blank…absolutely nothing came to me….

My response was to put a big question mark on the page…and with that a flood gate open….

mini-movie produced by Zion – music: Goldfinger

That was the day to ask lots of questions, memories flood back, lots of unfolding and peeling away…exposing myself to this process, allowing myself to get raw…

With one swift thought I realized “I’m on a journey back to self!”


What’s your big question mark?

Much Love and Peace


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