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“Journal Day 2…Dawning”

Dawning… Day 2

This entry relates, looking at my situation with fresh eyes new perspective, new thinking, new ideas…


Dawning of a new time, a new space, an awakening of the spirit, my-self, the forgotten self, the newly evolving self…

It’s amazing how over time we slowly move away from ourselves incorporating bits and pieces from others, conforming, in some cases transforming….

And then at some point it “dawns” on us, to ask ourselves the question “do I know me?”…

The answer can be profound!…when I asked myself this question I was so far of center that I was doing very little that made me happy…I was successful…but not happy…

I wasn’t walking in my lane but one others had created for me…it’s a gradual process… it always is…

And re-claiming yourself is gradual too! Be patient, and loving, move into the “dawn” without judgements or regrets…

But with incredible expectation and joy…

mini-movie produced by my 12yr. old daughter Zion… she loves doing this kind of thing and it allows us to collaborate and share creative ideas!

Much Love and Peace


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