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“What Do I Need To Remember Today”

Hey Guys!

How’s your summer been? Hopefully creatively inspired and full of lots of projects…

It seems blog land goes into hiatus in the summer and so, I guess I did too!

However I took the time to re-inspire myself, really examining the direction of my work/creativity, by doing a 100 day challenge that 120 plus days later is still going strong!

I thought I’d share this journey with you since I feel the first part is complete and maybe others may be inspired to do the same…

Back in April I was surfing blogs in an never ending search for inspiration and came across Lilou Mace who has a webTV channel and a blog which is a “100 Day Juicy living Challenge” here

I was so inspired by Lilou that not only did I take on the challenge, I became a subscriber to her near daily webTV episodes, that are always so inspirational as well as hugely informative..

She is willing to interview people who really think outside the box, now whether or not you can support every subject she interviews, I encourage you to relax, suspend judgement and go with it, many of the topics will certainly expand your capacity to think larger about your own world view and the possibilities of where you’re headed!

I began journaling…I determined that the first 30 days would be done in the form of an image journal…(it turns out the the entire 100 days became image journaling with spontaneous writing intertwined…


I selected an Emily Carr blank journal I had purchased years ago at a Museum Shop and had been saving for the proverbial “right moment”…thank God it arrived…lol

Actually if you know anything about Emily Carr choosing this journal was very appropriate for this self imposed hiatus..

the preface page of the journal reads…

“What do I need to remember today?

I begin this journal on a 30 day discovery back to myself. My language, my soul images, my power, my love. The realization of my oneness to the fountain of all creativity”

This statement unknowingly became the foundation for all the future journaling that I did… daily I asked myself, the knowing self, the one locked away in the creative place we keep…
“What do I need to remember today” and boy did she have a lot to say!

Here is the first day 4/16…


My plan is to share daily with you this journey commenting on the images in this book…
and certainly challenging you to explore your creative/innovative self and ask the same question…

“What do I need to remember today?

LOL…have a pen ready because you have been waiting quite a while to ask yourself this have a lot to say!!

Much Love and Peace


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