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“Our Soul’s Reflection”


This is so true…

The way we live, the things that surround us…really reflects how we think and feel inside ourselves.

How many time have you observed this as you entered into the home of others…

Sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise to discover a new aspect of this person and other times it can be a complete shock…what we see doesn’t line up with what we thought we knew about them.

Take a walk around your home, your studio, or creative space…does it reflect your soul, the you that speaks creatively…How can you alter your environment to line up with where you are or want to be?

Is it as comfortable as you’d like?  Are some of items that you are living with there because they were given to you, but you don’t care for them?

Well how about gifting those things to someone who will like them…

We all have paper work and old bills that we let accumulate…let’s clear out that clutter too… It really does help us to think more clearly and releases those emotions that are attached to these things that we often times don’t realize we have until we throw them out…

I can’t tell you how many times this has been a clearing for me…sometimes it’s just the guilt associated with saying that I’m going to sit down and go through that pile and then don’t…

Have you been meaning to get more plants, add a water fountain, change the artwork (or put some of your own work up)?

Do you need to stock up on candles or incense and just haven’t?

What can you do this week to alter your environment such that it reflects the inner you, the one that creates, dreams and has passions beyond the mundane activities that we all find ourselves?

Tell yourself that you will treat yourself this week by changing at least two things that you have been wanting to do, and these changes will inspire you moving closer and deeper to the creative you…

Bonne Chance!!!

And Enjoy, Always Peace and love


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