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“The Ultimate Vacation”

I came across these two quotes and humorously imagined how well they worked together conceptually….As creatives we are constantly looking for that time alone to create….to manifest the ideas of our inner self….

We are often looking for ways to stay in the flow…be in constant creativity…in a lot of ways shut out the mundane mediocre aspects of the worlds around us, yet keeping all of the beauty, fascination and inspiration that Mother Nature has to offer…

So I had this thought, you know how I’m always preaching :), that our creativity is a state of mind, of being…

We carry it everywhere and the more we nurse it, acknowledge it and celebrate it daily the more available our creativity becomes, syncing with a constant flow through out every aspect of our lives.

So now I present you with the Ultimate Mind Release, aka Vacation…

If we can agree with the words of Ambrose Bierce, that Art is above definition…

That’s a mega liberator!

We become free to explore and enjoy our creative powers without defining and putting what we do in small boxes so that others can somehow try to understand our Passions.

Which as we have all experienced can be a weight that saps our drive and inspiration at times…


If we get on board with Ms. Tharp and agree that Art does give us permission to leave our everyday world jump into the wave of creativity, inspiration and innovation as we remain exactly where we already are…

Which could be a fully outfitted studio/office, the re-purposed kitchen table or that 15 min break I talk about, where your work desk becomes your creative lab…

It’s all the same and gets us where we’re going if we allow our state of mind to remain in control of our habits and our bodies and our worlds…

Let me know how your Vacation goes!

As Always…With Much Peace and Love


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