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“Life Is….”

I found myself this week thinking quite a bit about how Passion can chase you down in your life…

Of course the people, places and activities that we surround ourselves with goes a long way towards re-enforcing our interests…

When I read the above quote I really felt that it hits home the idea of our life not being separate from our passions, our dreams…

In the last post I shared with you the methods I’ve used to stay connected, focused and motivated…

This idea that everything we do will be infused with the essence of who we are, and the special way we relate to the world…

Try observing your life this weekend, think about the everyday mundane tasks that we often take for granted, we do them the way we were taught by family, teachers or our cultures and yet we’ve never placed our own stamp on them…

Start stamping your world with your dreams, even in the smallest of ways and the smallest of things…

This keeps us reminded, surrounded and infused with the essence of our passions….

Have a great weekend…Happy Stamping!!

As Always…Much Love


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