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“What Is Our “Feeling Legacy”?”

I read this quote by Maya Angelou and it really hit me…How much time am I spending on being concern for how I make others feel?

We focus quite a bit on our words and our deeds…yet what is the end result of those activities? And have we spent time wondering how others will feel…about what we’ve said or done?

I’ve frequently heard, as I’m sure you have, when some people justify their actions with… “well it’s the truth!”… after having just said or done something damaging…I often wonder if these are selfish acts of honesty as I’m sure there are things that these same folks will omit… if it puts them on the hot seat…

…I have a tendency to be open to change and like to really better myself…yes even on the tough issues :)…not always easy but, I believe worth it in the long run….

I’ve come to realize that my intentions and how I say things don’t always line up…I can be very direct and sometimes harsh…yet I really, really don’t intend to be…it’s amazing when it comes to my attention…I feel bad because I didn’t mean to make the other person feel like that…
not at all!!!

Have you had a similar experience? If you have, isn’t it shocking?

So I was thinking…let’s make this “Feelings Awareness Weekend”…and really try to focus outwardly, working hard to have what we are saying and doing line up with the good and happy things we are intending for those in our lives and especially those we love!
(boy can they  really take a hit :))

Have a great weekend and “feel” the one you’re with !

As Always…Much Love


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