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“One Step To Discovering Your Genius”

I love this quote by Einstein because it is so true….

By now you guys know that I believe everyone is creative…

it will manifests in different areas of expression, differently… yet we all have the ability to be creative and we can increase our capabilities with practice and focus..

So is true that we all have genius in us as well… it too is displayed differently in each of us…generally the problem that holds most of us back, are the hand stamped labels that creativity and genius holds…generally creativity is the godchild of the Arts…Music, Painting and Literature… so for those folks who are not naturally talented in those areas it is said and they will repeat it themselves, that they are not creative.

Conversely it is thought that genius generally lies in the fields of Mathematics and Science, and should you not be strong in those areas it is believed that you don’t posses genius…

We must free our thinking from the systems of acceptable beliefs that keeps us locked up, uninspired and unable to reach our goals or pursue our dreams because we’ve bought into these norms that are false and don’t serve us.

Take some time today and assess your genius, where does it lay, a good place to look is in the areas that bring you pleasure…hobbies, sports, cooking, games… and then think about how this may interface with your dreams of changing careers, starting a business, spawning philanthropic causes or whatever you can’t wait to jump into…

then move boldly towards these dreams…these goals… knowing just what your strengths are…just where your genius lies…

Love, Peace and Inspiration

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