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“Why Do You Still Stand Out?”

Do you ever feel like the kid in this picture?

You already realize that you don’t seem to blend into the world around you…as much as you try.
And you try to blend, because you’re tired of the questions and the criticism!

Yet somehow with all of your self imposed conformity you still manage to stick out…it could be the things you say…the ideas you convey…the way you wear your jeans…you name it. You give yourself away every time.

Camouflage suits just don’t have your name in them!

Well, I say consider this…then go about your day being the incredible you that the world is crying out for…continue to work on your bazaar ideas…that incredible painting…the excitingly witty novel…the new blog idea, despite the thousands already launched…

If your planning on success:

Do Not Listen To The Naysayers In Your Life…
Don’t even ask for their advice!!

As Always… Much Love


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