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“3 Reasons Why There Isn’t Another Picasso”

By asking the question, “What makes us unique in our creativity?”
I realize that I’m asking a question that I’m not sure I can fully answer…yet I recognize that it is true and in operation whether we can explain it or not!

As creatives we sometimes get a nagging feeling that someone will copy our ideas and make the ton of money that is ours, because they…have better connections, more money, more time, etc. you know all of the rambling excuses we use to justify our positions.

However, it’s been my experience that if they copy what we’re doing they always must wait for us to first create the idea and then second in order to remain fresh they have to wait for us to create another idea. Because, you see they are not the originator and therefore incapable of doing us! If we stay in motion, exploring our creativity, producing work and sharing it with the world it is impossible for others to out run us doing us…

As an artist and professor of art, I have frequently heard people who criticize the work of Picasso…

You know how it plays out,  you’re standing in an art gallery viewing some of his work and out of the blue you hear a comment like…this is kids work, or I have stuff like this hanging on my fridge, or what in the world is this? How did he get so famous…I’m sure you’ve heard many others we can add to the list!

So this is my question?
Why aren’t there more Picasso’s?
I mean artist who are doing work just like his.

Why aren’t Picasso’s produced at least one per generation?
  Considering all of the refrigerator art in landfills!

If his art was kids art, and he was very wealthy and held world wide recognition in his lifetime, how come his methods are not among the ideas on the “get rich quick” lists?

1.   I’d say it’s because, he was the first to develop his style, his original ideas belong to him.

2.   He painted all of the time constantly pushing his ideas, his creativity and taking himself into new discovery. This process alone makes it impossible for others to keep up and copy him because, if you could experience the real Picasso why would you want a fake.

3.  Once he died his ideas and creativity also died, so it’s nearly impossible for others to figure out what would Picasso have done next? If you can spend that much time delving into your creative self, by experience and definition you will have created something so original that only you could have!

This pictograph I came across recently illustrates my ideas… It’s just a smiley face, yet we recognize the original ideas of every artist depicted!!

The world will never run out of ideas and you will never be successfully copied…keep working and exploring your ideas and living life to the fullest…

Have a great weekend!

With Much Love

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