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“Saturday Inspiration”

The world of big campaign marketing would lead us to believe that we always have to do “something” to ourselves to be more appealing.

The lotions and potions are a choice, no more than mere toys to play with, they serve us, not us them….Yet Inner Beauty…beauty that comes from loving ourselves and others, that is polished by meaningful contributions to family, community and the world…. 

Inner Beauty says we are enough and we get to live our dreams, we are worthy of focusing on the things that stimulate our minds and ours souls and allows us to step into the Flow of our lives.

Inner Beauty takes nurturing…self awareness and self love is it’s food.

Have a fantastic weekend, celebrating Memorial Day with family and friends…

Much Love…

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I must apologize for not having a credit for the image, it’s from tumblr, that much I do know. Please leave a comment if you know the source and I’ll update….thx


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