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“Becoming Who We Already Are!”


I’ve been away for a little while…but not really…you see I took some time to focus on my other blog….I, like so many people started two blogs around the same time.

Wanting to be successful at this I quickly realized that I had a huge learning curve and that If I wanted to be really good at this…which I do…I needed to focus.

Robyn McClendon’s Rare Birds Blog, has a fashion, art, and home decor focus…since I  started this one first…I decided to put my focus there… when you get a chance check it out here!

So I jumped right into making that a better and more successful blog.

Since December, when I enrolled in the Blog and Retire, e-course offered by a supper fantastic lady, Lisha Yost. I have been accomplishing my goals monthly and feel good about where I am…in hindsight I should have had this conversation earlier with my readers here, because many of you have remained faithful to checking in…thx!

LOL…Give me a few minutes to put on my coaching hat and talk about this e-course…

I must stop and say how much I genuinely recommend to anyone who wants to take their blog to the next level or learn more about blogging because you may be on the fence about starting one….Run and sign up for the Blog and Retire e-course, evaluate it for yourself  here, you will receive it weekly, it’s chock full of day by day, step by step instructions that take less than an hour to do…however, I encourage you to spend as much time as you can spare, because the more you put in the more you get out.

Lisha, is faithful about sending the e-course out on a timely basis…she recently lost her grandmother…though emotionally affected by it all still manage to keep her commitments…and I certainly would have understood if she pushed things back a bit…this is a testimony to her commitment that we all win!!

Additionally, the e-course is incredibly well priced less than  a weeks worth of Starbucks Coffee’s…seriously!

She puts many of the high priced, fancy websites, fancy talking internet guru’s to shame….their pitches that encourage us to plop down major amounts of money…selling us on if your serious you’ll spend the money and if it doesn’t cost a lot you don’t value it…..

This is old 20th century marketing, in the 21st century with our economy unfamiliar to us, we’ve had to re-define the ways in which we are doing everything,  relying on ourselves…not big business, not the banks, not our government to fix our problems….I believe we value things that work!!!! Not how much they cost…It’s time to walk away from all of the internet marketing hocus pocus…..And invest in quality relationships and opportunities, it’s the only way to create….

Armed with my weekly e-course I now will be incorporating what I’ve learned over the past several months into this blog…I’ll begin with weekly posts and increase as I continue developing focus and learn to manage both blogs….

At some point I plan to talk about my journey and share the insights I’ve learned and how this process has influenced the way I’ve learned to create using the on-line media platform…

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you regularly!



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2 responses to ““Becoming Who We Already Are!”

  1. Lisha May 27, 2012 at 12:53 am

    What a wonderful testimony. I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication, Robyn. That is what makes a great coach. A loyal person who’s willing to do what it takes. Everyone has the ability to help others in some way, and I know that everyone can learn something from you, Robyn. You are such a smart and wise woman with a good head on your shoulders and the motivation needed to be successful and help others.

    To your success,


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