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“That’s the way love goes….”

Janet Jackson’s song keeps running through my mind as I work here on my blogs + websites….

I read something earlier today that really hit me and got me to thinking…You know on that age old topic..


I wanted to share from this subject today because the earlier me, learned that non-supportive relationships can zap your creativity.

Sometimes we are not even aware that we are being depleted, because the evolution of non-supportive relationships are gradual, although the signs are there from the beginning, see the little pictograph below.

These things show up right from the start!  Only they’re clothed in good feelings, reasonable explanations, and lots of gifts and accolades.

So as we continue to develop are creative beings think about this cycle of love below, and strive to protect the creative spirit within, that free spirit that serves us all so well when unleashed! 🙂


Either we’re falling in… it’s fabulous for the rest of our lives…end of story…great!!

or we become enthralled cause we met Mr./Mrs. Right… where have they been all of life in…

trapped in…

realization that it ain’t love…cause love’s a verb… and you ain’t seeing no action…(at least from the other side) in…

trying like hell to get out…in

guilt tripped about” how could you do this to me”…(from Mr./Mrs. Selfish…you know the one you couldn’t live w/o)…in


Then through some miracle we had an attitude change… from within?…or that growth class that we spent a ton of money on,”letting go”…fate…the Roman gods, sans chariot….

we made it the hell out…relatively in one piece and and cried to the heavens

                                                               thank God I’m….OUT…

If every time you look across the room, and most of the toys are yours…

split before you’re back to being stuck in the above cycle….

And like Janet croons…That’s the way love goes…that’s the way it goes…….

Just something to think about no matter where you are in the Love process…keep it positive, know that you will always love yourself first…and of course that little creative muse inside…

Make sure you’re being honored, and loved for who you are…. and if any of these love busters show up at the love feast…turn the table over…even Christ did this…and run like hell…

Know that you’re better for it!

As Always…Much Love…Robyn


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