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Turn Into The Storm…

I’ve had a few storms these past few months, and life moves on. It doesn’t stop and wait for us to catch up.  For our storms to fade or end before it moves forward.  And the end game is if we don’t figure out a way to keep going to keep connected we fall behind, get left, miss the opportunity to realize a dream.

In spite of the raging waters and high winds of my life, I’ve continued to create, have joy’s and pleasures, while making every attempt to stay focused and on track.

One ambitious thing I did was to start two Blogs at the same time, not a good idea. Because life happened and all of my well organized calendars and time lines fell apart. However, I did and while I’ve gotten one blog up and running here, this one my creativity blog has been waiting.

Instruction by example :). 

I have spent time exploring ways to connect both of my blogging interests, which is really who I am anyway, right?  All about working towards authenticity 🙂  More to come on that in the future!

As I contemplated storms this morning I remembered reading an inspirational piece in Erik Weihenmayer’s book ” The Adversity Advantage”.

Turn Into The Storm…

How many of us live in that state of suspended animation? Sometimes adversity permeates the air around us like oppressive moisture in a coming storm, and we are unable to act. Like some of the people who refuse to evacuate before a hurricane, we squeeze our eyes shut and refuse to look at the dark clouds bearing down on us.  Even when we can’t help looking, we come up with plausible excuses about why it is impossible to act – “If I were a little younger, things would be different.  If others hadn’t done those horrible things to me. If I had been born taller, smarter, stronger.”  All these are defense mechanisms that we use to avoid action, barricades summoned up by the mind to protect us from confronting a difficult and painful truth.  The only way to really harness the full force of your adversity is to turn into the storm, and bring it on.

The times we are living in are demanding, no doubt.  However we make the decision to succeed or not, to be defined by our circumstances or not.

With that let’s commit to look at our lives with different eyes, renewed perspective, slightly out of the box so that we can reach different conclusions and attract incredible opportunities.

This is the Creative Consciousness and Innovative Living that will define this centuries progress!

Your Creativity Coach


2 responses to “Turn Into The Storm…

  1. Dr. Reginia August 14, 2011 at 2:35 am

    I’ve experience quite a few storms during 2011 as well. It is my hope that I’ve learned each lesson presented so that I no not have to repeat the “class”. Great post. Very inspirational.

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