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Creativity Is…….

I Thought I would start an ongoing and ever evolving list of what….

Creativity Is…..

a lifestyle

a passion

a mindset, a way of thinking

a way to solve problems  

a way to challenge yourself beyond where you already are



being involved




asking questions of the world around you  

not accepting the way things have always been done






being authentic



lively debates



allowing for new experiences



fear of the unknown but moving forward anyway



fear of the known and the stifling grip it has in your life



a love for life



wanting to share who you are



going where no one has gone before and being prepared for the ridicule from less courageous people



saying no, when the majority of the people you know are saying yes



saying yes, when the majority of the people you know are saying no



shaping your life around your personality and beliefs



living victoriously



doing what you’ve created 24 hours out of each of your days



loving who you want and them loving you back without trying to change one another



moving forward to do something you have a strong desire for yet no idea of how the hell you’ll accomplish it



being scared to death to do things the way the masses (the     unconscious) are doing it

wanting to explore your passion before retirement

I would love to hear how you complete this statement! Please leave your comments.

Your Creativity Coach


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