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Clive Bell on “Art”

I love Clive Bell’s book – “Art”

Clive was Vanessa Bell’s husband, they were quite a creative duo!

Clive has many thought provoking theories on Art.

I believe that the way to stimulate and grow your “creativity consciousness”, to find your place among your peers and to solidify your belief system, is to allow a lot of ideas in, sort them out and come to your own conclusions.

Not every quote that I’ll present you with do I necessarily agree with 100%, but they are things that got me to thinking.  And that’s what stimulates our creative juices.

I’ll be sharing a lot of his ideas along the way.  As always, I’d love your feedback.

In this quote he’s speaking about the general museum goer/ viewer of the artwork.

“They treat created form as though it were imitated form, a picture as though it were a photograph.  Instead of going out on the stream of art into a new world of aesthetic experience, they turn a sharp corner and come straight home to the world of human interests.”

Clive Bell

“Things that make you go…. Hmmm”
Arsenio Hall (you guys remember his show?)

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